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Updates from Havant Borough Council.

Updates from Havant Borough Council.

Updates from Havant Borough Council.


Follow the link to read the latest advice and News from Havant Borough Council.

A Lot of Scams to watch out for.

Updates from Havant Borough Council.

Updates from Havant Borough Council.


Follow the link to read a comprehensive list of scams being perpetrated at this difficult time.

As of 20th March

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.


Good afternoon,
We are sharing this information on behalf of our partners at the National Cyber Security Centre .
Cyber criminals are exploiting people’s interest in COVID-19 to spread Ransomware by locking people out of their accounts or stealing information unless a ransom is paid.
Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents you from accessing your computer (or the data that is stored on it). The computer itself may become locked, or the data on it might be stolen, deleted or encrypted.
Kindly read and follow the current advice from the National Cyber Security Centre to avoid becoming a victim of Ransomware.

A Bedhampton International.

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.


Vickii Cornborough

An English International Prop Forward

with 50 caps.

Bedhampton Parish Church.

Covid 19 Ransomeware attacks.

The Great Indoors, something for all.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Community Support

This is a time for communities to pull together, and as your community Church we want to help the best way we can. Our aim is to connect as well as to provide support and guidelines for those offering and those requesting help.

If you would like to consider being a befriender and calling someone at this time, who may need help and reassurance, please use this form to register your interest.

Offers of help:

If you would like a regular phone call just to check in and see how you are doing please complete this form.

Requests for help:

Alternatively you can email: and offer or request help. Finally you can phone 023 9248 3013 between 9.30am-1:00pm Monday to Friday or leave a message for hours outside of this.

All updates as a church in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be found here:

The Great Indoors, something for all.

The Great Indoors, something for all.

The Great Indoors, something for all.


A huge number of topics and suggestions 

for amusing and teaching

now that schools are closed for most children. 

Click on "Find out more" below.,Pairs&setting=Indoors

Summer Show 2020 Cancelled.

The Great Indoors, something for all.

Summer Show 2020 Cancelled.



It is with regret that due to the current situation, the Bedhampton Summer Show committee have decided to postpone this year’s show.

We are looking to organise an alternative event in August/early September.

As soon as we have any details, we will contact you.


Chris Miller

Update 6th March 2020.

The Community comes up trumps again.

DMC, Lower Road Planning Application.

DMC, Lower Road Planning Application.


For the second time this year the residents of Bedhampton rallied to support those making representations to the Council's Development Committee. This Committee is made up of 7 councillors, 6 Conservative and 1 Liberal. The committee scrutinises planning applications and determines whether to recommend or refuse them.  Although the public are able to observe, they cannot participate directly. However, the presence of the public sends a clear message of support for those representing their views to the committee. This message is crucial for demonstrating public engagement in the issue affecting their community. 

An essential component of democracy in action. The committee will note this support and although it will not directly sway conclusions it will subconsciously have an effect. So a massive thank you to all 50 plus residents who braved the rain to attend the Plaza last night.

Bedhampton cares about its Heritage but recognises the need in Havant for social and affordable homes. On this occasion the number of these homes proposed (15) did not warrant the harm of building 50 dwellings in the setting of the Conservation Area and it's detrimental effect on the Conservation Area, it's amenity and heritage assets.

DMC, Lower Road Planning Application.

DMC, Lower Road Planning Application.

DMC, Lower Road Planning Application.



On Thursday the 5th March the planning committee met and heard from various speakers with regard to the proposed application for 50 houses on the land south of Lower Road. It was debated for quite some time before a motion was raised by Cllr Elaine Shimbart to overturn the Officers' recommendation and reject the application for the development of 50 homes on Lower Road. Last summer, Councillors voted in favour of extending the Old Bedhampton Conservation Area and committee members recognised the potential damage to the setting of the Conservation Area and direct impact on the heritage of the Borough.
This followed the rejection recently by Council officers of the planning application at the commercial site at the western end of Lower Road. The applicant was attempting to retrospectively extend the use and increase the area of activity. This was on application reference APP/19/01083
Overall this is great news. Local ward councillors and residents are really pleased that they have convinced the committee to support their view and protect Old Bedhampton and the heritage of Havant Borough.

When published, view the decision notice here....

What to Look Out For

2020 Duck Race CANCELLED but keep your tickets for later in the year.

2020 Duck Race CANCELLED but keep your tickets for later in the year.

2020 Duck Race CANCELLED but keep your tickets for later in the year.


For more detail follow the link below.

The Latest Scam

2020 Duck Race CANCELLED but keep your tickets for later in the year.

2020 Duck Race CANCELLED but keep your tickets for later in the year.


For more detail follow the link below.

Register your car to visit the dump for free.

Did you know?


This has not been properly published by HBC but is genuine. To continue using the tip you will have to register. Spread the word:

Registration open for continued free access to Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centres

Hampshire residents are being asked to register their vehicles for continued automatic free access to Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Councillor Rob Humby, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Economy, Transport and Environment at Hampshire County Council said: “The County Council’s extensive network of HWRCs provides one of the most efficient, effective and convenient ways for residents to recycle and dispose of household waste in Hampshire. 

“We know that people living close to the Hampshire border often use Hampshire’s HWRCs, and we want to continue to accommodate them and encourage recycling.  However, to make this fair to Hampshire council taxpayers who are already contributing to the £100million annual costs of dealing with Hampshire’s household waste, we are introducing a fee for non-Hampshire residents of £5 per visit.”

A new resident permit system will begin operating later next year.  It will be controlled by Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and will ensure continued free access for Hampshire residents to any of Hampshire’s 24 HWRCs to dispose of household waste, while access for non-Hampshire residents will be for a fee of £5 per visit. Charges for non-household waste, including soil and rubble, plasterboard and asbestos remain.

Hampshire residents can register up to three vehicles via the Hampshire County Council website. The system will quickly check the registration of the cars coming into the site against the number plates that have been registered so that Hampshire residents can freely enter the sites as many times as they wish, without any further checks.

The introduction of this system will allow those living outside Hampshire to continue to use Hampshire HWRCs while making a contribution towards the costs of disposal of their household waste in Hampshire.

Hampshire residents, including those who live in Southampton and Portsmouth, will be able to register for free access to any Hampshire HWRC from 19 December 2019 at

Over the busy Christmas and New Year period, visitors to Hampshire HWRCs will be encouraged to register ahead of their next visit, with the operational start date for the ANPR system to be determined early next year. There is no registration required for access to the Paulsgrove HWRC in Portsmouth. Hampshire residents who already hold a van or trailer permit do not need to re-register that particular vehicle.  

For residents without internet access, please call 0300 555 1389 to register.

Update on 28th February.

Volunteer Leaders required for Police Cadets in Havant


The scheme is run by teams of fantastic volunteers from the force and the local community. We are always looking for new adult volunteers to help as leaders within the scheme.  

Leaders do not have to have previous police experience, only an interest in helping young people achieve their best and reach their full potential. 

If you can spare at least two hours a week and are interested in becoming involved as a Volunteer Adult Leader, you can find out more information by visiting


Pete's Missive

Bedhampton Volunteers. For more details go to

Hi All,

To recap, the totem pole, carved probably at a cost in excess of £15k standing outside the Plaza council offices since  2012, and because it was once a tree growing there, and as the roots were judged to have  rotted, as of course they would, the decision was made to dispose of it before it fell down. At the end of December the council workmen who had cut the 8 metre tree/totem pole/statue down and cut it into 4 sections, stopped Martin Bream in Newbarn Road, asking him if he would like a couple of sections, which were duly laden onto Martins truck in micro-seconds, and the next day four of us were needed to lift them into position in the only location they would be safe, the Bowling Club grounds by the traffic lights, where one was placed on top of the other, and measured something like 10 feet tall. See the relevant Parish Magazine for the impressive photo. Thick rope was wound around the join mark. At last Bedhampton had another landmark, albeit a minor one. 

A week later the council appear at the Bowling Club, tell a BC member that they have been in touch with the Bed Vols (false) informing them the original order was for it’s destruction, and that they were taking it away, and it went. Attempts to have it returned rather than wasted, a piece of art, and community paid for, an asset not past it’s sell by date, where, mindful of Health and Safety post Brexit we had it placed in front of an established sycamore tree which it would be attached to, where it had already survived severe winds, such was it’s weight as it took the four of us to lift each piece. Attempts to have it returned included a ring around councillors and council departments, and passing round the copy of the Parish Mag article which helped suggest that it was already part of the Bedhampton Community scene.

So, Wednesday this week, had a meeting with a guy from the Council/Norse, Carl, and at his instigation. He arrived with Matt Tyler from the Sports Development Dept. Carl explained that Matt was with him as he was already known to me through my athletic connections. He explained that the order of destruction had to be carried out and that the powers, not celestial, but Norse, had decided to make things right, and they were now willing to offer us something in return, that they would pay for. Something that we could decide on. It was explained that our act of recycling it, was to save wasting this expensive and attractive artwork and the monies, thereby saving our public monies in effect. Waste not want not; Plato? That our action was to preserve what we, the community had paid for, a high point of recycling in view of the monitory saving. 

So the offer was declined on that principal, but pointed out that the council had not paid for the annual £94 BV Insurance premium for the past 2 years, as it had done for the previous 14 years, (All similar groups in the Havant area have their insurance paid for). Ours covers us for £10m. Additionally as we are running out of purple litter bin bags...... and could do with some leather gloves. All promised, although we  were due all but the gloves. Forgot to ask for some litter pickers, as  in the News recently Peter Vince the head of Norse work services had offered to supply groups with  them on request. As the meeting was ending, naturally asked after the other two statue sections, and was met with a flurry of note-taking, clearly unaware there were originally 4 sections. Naturally asked if section numbers 3 and 4 ‘could be returned to us then’. Watch this space.

So, Work Party, news

We’ll need those bin liners if we do as well as last Thursday. This week, our third Thursday at the beauty spot slipway location, proved to be the luckiest with the weather. Previously the wind and rain had twice  forced ‘an early bath’. So 8 of us were windless, dry and with sunshine; one could almost call it the first day of summer, and it saw us beat the Rusty Cutter record set last month, with this time 40 bin bags of litter, plus a disabled disabled mobility scooter, a couple of tyres and the usual sundries that don’t fit into a bag. Oh and a very large cabbage, which proved to be a hit with the swans diet. Whilst Chris and Steve’s initial task was  attempting  to fill in the missing tete a tetes in the ‘BEDHAMPTON’ sign at the eastern side of the Rusty Cutter roundabout. However the ‘A’ is still short of a few; “ a tenner’s worth”, claims Chris, of blooms needed. Another space to watch!

The weather forecast seems to indicate more of the global changing same, making gardening a sad and sticky option, so next Thursday we’ll be back there trying to reach Harts Farm Way clicking away on our litter pickers, hoping to clear what we have missed so far there. Two of us on Tuesday filled 12 bags full from the Tear Drop Roundabout, the council picking it up whilst we worked. So far this year, for those statisticians amongst you, our 2020 rubbish bin bags total is 121, an average of almost 2 bags a day. Plus the immeasurable daily stuff that Ian collects from the Gundiwoods area on his dog walks. Yes, so definitely surpassing the two bin bags a day.

Our councillors were promised BV action against the evidence left by the ‘Poser’ and ‘LEK 1’ graffiti artist, all around the streets of our village and beyond, and whilst cans of paint to blot it out have been purchased, fine weather to implement cancelling it out, as you know, has been absent, and therefore stands as the excuse for inactivity on that front.

Since our work at the Methodist Church a few weeks ago, some 30 donated shrubs, large and small, have now been planted in the gaps in the garden on the Post Office side of the kiddies play area.

Who said beauty spots were unfashionable; hope to see you there,



Do not forget

Fun Club

Fun Club

Fun Club


St. Nicholas Church.

Every Thursday during term time

9 to 11am.


Fun Club

Fun Club


St. Nicholas Church.

Every Friday.

All are welcome.


Havant Borough Council Local Plan 2036

What is it all about.




The Government has made clear its determination to address the chronic housing shortage. It has instructed all planning authorities throughout the country to draw up plans to meet the backlog and future needs up to 2036, ensuring that this is co-ordinated with the required infrastructure whilst safeguarding the environment. This will be difficult in Havant where there is already very little spare land, either brownfield or greenfield.

Havant Borough by 2036. Some of the issues to be included in the plan.

The population will have increased by 17,000.

49% of the population will be over 60.

A new reservoir is required.

Sea levels are expected to rise by 6mm per year.

83,000 square metres of employment floor space is required.

The intended Plan will provide the following housing needs.

9,260 new homes (30% affordable) across 40 development sites.

30% of new homes will be adaptable to meet the needs of the ageing population.

These homes will be 19% more energy efficient.

Old town centres will be regenerated to provide housing and engaging social spaces.

Havant Borough Council’s Local Plan 2036. 

HBC published its draft plan early in 2018 and then held a series of borough wide exhibitions which were followed by a public consultation period during which all interested parties were invited to make representations. These then informed the next edition of the plan which is called The Pre-submission Plan. This version was passed by Council on 

30th Jan. 2019 and has just been published. It is now out for public consultation before being passed to the Minister of State in early summer 2019. He will then appoint an independent inspector who will conduct public examination hearings to ensure the plan is legal and meets the government approved strategy up till 2036. This will take 3 to 6 months. If passed the Council will then adopt and implement the Plan in spring 2020.

Why is it important to pass this public examination?

By meeting government requirements, the council can ensure additional benefits that support the environment, infrastructure, transport and quality of life. The adopted plan clearly tells developers what can be built and where. If the plan fails, developers can potentially develop piecemeal, bypass local policies and avoid investing in necessary infrastructure development.

Bedhampton Developments.

There have already been completed developments in the “Chalk Pit”, Scratchface Lane and Site 180. There are proposed development sites at 40 Acres (planning application already submitted), land south of Lower Road, Little Park House and Campdown. The latter is strictly in Purbrook, land south of Southdown College but is sufficiently close to impact significantly on Bedhampton. There are at present no planning applications for the last 3 named sites. Local resident’s associations, charitable trusts and voluntary organisations have and will continue to ensure that the plan as it affects Bedhampton and goes forward to Examination in Public is legal and sound. This means that they will challenge any element of a development that contravenes national or local policy affecting the environment (landscape, biodiversity), infrastructure (traffic volume and safety), quality of life (amenity and ambiance such as walking) as well as quality and design of the build. Save Old Bedhampton Steering Group, West Bedhampton Residents Association, Friends of Bidbury Mead and Bedhampton Charitable Trust are some of the organisations involved. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email 

Details of the Public Consultation for both HBC Local Plan 2036 and also The Old Bedhampton Conservation Area Review.


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Broadmarsh - We need your ideas

In recent posts, Richard Jones has beautifully demonstrated the good bad and ugly of Broadmarsh. There are no preconceived ideas but we do need your thoughts and advice on how to stop the decline and regenerate an area of outstanding beauty on our doorstep.

Emails to


Broadmarsh Needs some TLC

For more images and some correspondence, follow the link.

Let's get involved. Have your say. Volunteers?

Bedhampton Councillors' Surgery, 1st December 2018, The Golden Lion, 1100hrs.



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