Saturday 19th October

For a cheap night out and great fun, 7 for 7.30 pm at St Nicholas Church Hall, Bedhampton.

Havant AC's biannual Quiz.

Teams of 6, children free, adults £5.

For those attending and not members of a full team, arrangements can be made on the night.

Bring your own nibbles and drinks.

Proceeds toward the Club Track Fund.

Vicki and Steve Spencer - 02392 482521, 07855 917888

Updated 7th October 2019.

Bedhampton W.I.


October Parish Magazine


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Councillor's October Surgery Minutes


Read the notes from the surgery held at The Golden Lion on 5th October 2019

Operation Christmas Child


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Mothers' Union


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Scout September Diary Update


Bedhampton Scouting Update.

Nigel Vosper bags his 100th Munro.

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Neighbourhood Watch Updates


Some more advice and updates.

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Conservation Area Review Update from Cabinet and Council


What does it all mean?

What happens next?

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Manor Trust Heritage Day Review


Read the review.

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Let's have Christmas Tree


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Time Travellers Guide (pdf)


Updated 1st September 2019

NHW, how to report a crime. A quick guide.


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40 Acres development given the go ahead.


At HBC, The Plaza on Thursday evening, 29th August, the council's Development Management Committee voted by a narrow margin of 4 to 3 to approve the planning application (APP/18/00450) by Barratt David Wilson Homes to construct 320 dwellings, including a 66 bed care home on 40Acres, West Bedhampton.


Bedhampton Heritage Alliance

Friends of Bidbury Mead, The Manor Trust, Bedhampton Historical Collection and Save Old Bedhampton are co-operating in order to preserve our past whilst protecting our future.

Download the submitted objections to app/19/00427


Havant Borough Council Local Plan 2036

What is it all about.




The Government has made clear its determination to address the chronic housing shortage. It has instructed all planning authorities throughout the country to draw up plans to meet the backlog and future needs up to 2036, ensuring that this is co-ordinated with the required infrastructure whilst safeguarding the environment. This will be difficult in Havant where there is already very little spare land, either brownfield or greenfield.

Havant Borough by 2036. Some of the issues to be included in the plan.

The population will have increased by 17,000.

49% of the population will be over 60.

A new reservoir is required.

Sea levels are expected to rise by 6mm per year.

83,000 square metres of employment floor space is required.

The intended Plan will provide the following housing needs.

9,260 new homes (30% affordable) across 40 development sites.

30% of new homes will be adaptable to meet the needs of the ageing population.

These homes will be 19% more energy efficient.

Old town centres will be regenerated to provide housing and engaging social spaces.

Havant Borough Council’s Local Plan 2036. 

HBC published its draft plan early in 2018 and then held a series of borough wide exhibitions which were followed by a public consultation period during which all interested parties were invited to make representations. These then informed the next edition of the plan which is called The Pre-submission Plan. This version was passed by Council on 

30th Jan. 2019 and has just been published. It is now out for public consultation before being passed to the Minister of State in early summer 2019. He will then appoint an independent inspector who will conduct public examination hearings to ensure the plan is legal and meets the government approved strategy up till 2036. This will take 3 to 6 months. If passed the Council will then adopt and implement the Plan in spring 2020.

Why is it important to pass this public examination?

By meeting government requirements, the council can ensure additional benefits that support the environment, infrastructure, transport and quality of life. The adopted plan clearly tells developers what can be built and where. If the plan fails, developers can potentially develop piecemeal, bypass local policies and avoid investing in necessary infrastructure development.

Bedhampton Developments.

There have already been completed developments in the “Chalk Pit”, Scratchface Lane and Site 180. There are proposed development sites at 40 Acres (planning application already submitted), land south of Lower Road, Little Park House and Campdown. The latter is strictly in Purbrook, land south of Southdown College but is sufficiently close to impact significantly on Bedhampton. There are at present no planning applications for the last 3 named sites. Local resident’s associations, charitable trusts and voluntary organisations have and will continue to ensure that the plan as it affects Bedhampton and goes forward to Examination in Public is legal and sound. This means that they will challenge any element of a development that contravenes national or local policy affecting the environment (landscape, biodiversity), infrastructure (traffic volume and safety), quality of life (amenity and ambiance such as walking) as well as quality and design of the build. Save Old Bedhampton Steering Group, West Bedhampton Residents Association, Friends of Bidbury Mead and Bedhampton Charitable Trust are some of the organisations involved. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email 

Details of the Public Consultation for both HBC Local Plan 2036 and also The Old Bedhampton Conservation Area Review.


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Broadmarsh - We need your ideas

In recent posts, Richard Jones has beautifully demonstrated the good bad and ugly of Broadmarsh. There are no preconceived ideas but we do need your thoughts and advice on how to stop the decline and regenerate an area of outstanding beauty on our doorstep.

Emails to


Broadmarsh Needs some TLC

For more images and some correspondence, follow the link.

Let's get involved. Have your say. Volunteers?

Bedhampton Councillors' Surgery, 1st December 2018, The Golden Lion, 1100hrs.



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