Bedhampton Volunteers

The Story So Far


The Bedhampton Volunteers came in to existence in 2003. The churchyard of St Thomas had become overgrown with trees, ivy, nettles, weeds and brambles. The BV’s set about the renovation of the churchyard and when the work was finished visitors had the ability to read all the headstone inscriptions and move around freely in an area that was markedly more pleasant to the eye.

The completed work was viewed as a great success and furthermore prompted awareness that the community could take care of their local area.

Various projects continued around the village. The target areas were those containing weeds, brambles and overgrown trees and/or those that attracted litter. The areas were cut back, cleared and planted up with shrubs etc that had been donated by the people of the village. Now word has been passed around, over the years, we have annually around 150 donations of shrubs from people, and rarely would they be a single plant or shrub.

The Spring months provide one of the most visible displays of the efforts of the BV’s. 

Since inception, every autumn we have planted daffodil and narcissus bulbs around our local area. Up until the present, there are an estimated 420,000 bulbs covering about 5 miles of our roadsides.

The BV’s have also provide hanging baskets planted out with summer flowers along the main Bedhampton Road. These baskets require a high level of maintenance with watering required on a regular basis. There is a rota of BV members who carry out the task using a homemade water bowser. Great fun!! However this year, 2020, the baskets and watering have been cancelled due to Covid 19.

We also plant and maintain 9 three tier planters around the village.  

Of course, all of this takes some level of finance. Funds for the Volunteers are raised every year by requesting donations from the people of the village. Each spring, letters requesting donations are delivered giving the wider community a chance to contribute.

Each Thursday morning, we have a work party who assemble at a nominated point and work to either maintain existing gardens, create new ones or carry out litter picking.

So, after some 17 years of the BV’s existence everything seems to be going to plan.

The generous monetary donations indicate the amount of appreciation in our village and inspires a real community spirit.


Posing for the Camera - Sept 2013

Volunteers take a break from working in the churchyard of St Thomas


Hard at work - Nov 2015

Volunteers work party at Scratchface Lane

You can help


Join our Thursday Workparty

Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets

Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets

     Contact:   Mr Pete Spencer

20, Queen Annes Drive

Bedhampton PO9 3PG 

Phone:    02392 482521



Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets

Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets

Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets

The 2018 water-rota is currently being prepared. If you can spare a couple of hours a month, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Just let Pete Spencer know and you will be added to the list. The thrill of using the water bowser will never be forgotten.



Volunteer for the Water Rota for the Hanging Baskets


If you think you can help, come along to the Thursday work party or by volunteering for the water-rota, please contact Pete Spencer.

Each Spring an appeal goes out for monetary donations. Please donate any amount to help us keep your local area looking good.