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Co-Op to replace Imperial Palace ?

Yesterdays Zoom meeting with our Bedhampton ward councillors was very successful. 18 participants lasting an hour.

The Imperial Palace's lease on their restaurant site expires in August and the Directors are adamant that it will not be renewed. The future use of the site is thus now under consideration.

There are now 2 planning applications on HBC website regarding the Imperial Palace site. They are both made on behalf of the Co-Op and can be accessed via the following links-

One is for the refrigeration plant and the second is for change of use necessitating some building works that do not fall within permitted rights.   Remember you are able to make comments on both these applications on the above links, either for or against. Consultation expiry dates are 14th may and 26th May respectively. However, a development like this could be considered an asset to Bedhampton in terms of facility and employment and which is supported by an organisation which has a well recognised reputation for respecting and supporting local communities. Other applications to develop the site may not tick as many boxes.

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